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A strong concept is convincing when it can be lived in everyday life. That’s why we care for a concept that empowers your image and fits to your audience attitude. During the process we identify what supports the character of your brand an how you can present it everyday. A custom-fit concept is the best starting point for strong visual solutions for User Experience Design, E-Learning, brand strategy und storytelling.

Latest Concepts

Design creates confidence, when thought in a strategic way. To performa a role confident with texts is not necessarily a convincing performance. That’s why a strong concept is relevant for us. During this process we make sure to focus on those elements of display empowering your image. This development involves a characteristic look that fits to your brand or image. We aim to make this process visible for Graphic-Design, Corporate-Identity, Packaging, Editorial-Design, Content-Creationon und Interaction-Design.

Latest Design Projects

Illustration is the most direct way to show something. Sometimes it is the only way to address a special topic at all. Illustration is able to reflect a certain emotion or atmosphere like no other tool. You can make something very special and unique with the power of Illustration for Editorial, Motion-Graphics, E-Learning, Lettering und Infographic.

Latest Illustrations


»What happened?«


What’s your story for this illustration?

What story is behind this scene? Take a fresh sheet of paper or write it down in the comments. We are looking forward to your story behind the illustration.


GWEN und Tim Collins perform the album »Tapestry« by Carole King