KATRIN HAUFGraphic Design, User Experience Design, Learning Design

Katrin Hauf creates visuell solutions based on concept, design and Illustration. Her artwork is affected by a digital and analog process flow. Her style is warm and handmade and aims for an individual and unique appereance.

»A unique character is well remembered. It should have an extraordinary character with strengths and weaknesses to stay alive, authentic and unique.«

OFILIAConcept, Typography, Storytelling

Ofilias hobby: creating unique concepts. No matter what’s the medium, or the target group, QWERTZ or QWERTY, a good idea is the essence of every communication.

»My motivation for every project: to sum up communication to present a clear profile.«


During my education in design I specialized on illustration. On one of munichs flea markets, in search of Illustrations, magazins, postcards, graphic design books, posters or drawing materials, i saw Ofilia. An approving »Biiiing« sound made sure: this typewriter wants to accompany me. And this was the beginning of a wonderful friendship, starting that day.

Despite simple paperwork isn’t Ofilias responsibility anymore, i can rely on Oflilas expertise when it comes to conceptual communication.

Ofilia is on my side, no matter where I am (and should this mean excess baggage fees as well). In my overseas stay at St. Hellens Collage (GB), I had the opportunity to experiment and fill a lot of sketchbooks. In my following educational training to become a graphic designer we get to know everything involved with printing. Ofilias interests in typography and calligraphy is a great help for me since.

Next station: the the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, Faculty for Computer Science. There we studied Interactive media, an exiting field of expertise (Don’t think this is silly because typewriters have big visions and a lot of ambition).

Equipped with a lot of experiences, Ideas and a brand new ink ribbon, we founded with some colleges of mine »ars navigandi GmbH«. There we are responsible for design questions, especially User experience design and we have a good lookout for new design challenges on the horizon.