My colleague, named Ofilia, is a typewriter by profession. »Retro«, you may think. Ofilia herself would most likely disagree with a noisy »Biiiiing!«. A good concept is never going out of fashion. And that’s her thing. No matter what the medium is, whatever target groupe you will address. Regardless of QWERTZ or QWERTY:

the idea behind the concept is essential for any communication.

We use our pen to think you through what concept will help you on. In this process we can rely on our experience in User Experience Design, E-Learning, Brand Strategy and Storytelling.


Since mankind exists, there is design. Fascinating cave art proofs it. Since I exist, I am creating. Presented by my first childrens drawings to this portfolio.

Driven by the same motivation as our ancestors: to communicate. In this process, our goal is to focus on our customers benefit. So we address our design solutions to special target groups and offer Content Creation, Packaging, Type, Corporate Design, Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Interaction Design.



illuminate, explain, bring to light, make concrete: Illustration will enlighten. We illustrate with the best way in mind to transport your message and match your target audience. We design to improve. Nature practice this agile concept in evolution. We adapt it to our working process to illustrate for Editorial, Motion, Content Creation, E-Learning and Infografik.