Anaglyphkalender: Das Ungeheuer von Loch Ness.

Grap your 3D red cyan glasses and dip in, into 12 Illustrations about “maritime myths”!

The calendar, a customer gift for the new year, consists of an illustrated sea legend for every month. The anaglyph illustrations invite the viewer to step into the scenes of gigant kraken, ship’s kobolds and mermaids. “Seafaring” is a part of the corporate Design of ars navigandi GmbH in Munich.

  • Desk diary with 12 anaglyph illustrations about “maritime myths”
  • Design & Illustration: Katrin Hauf
  • Concept & Text: Johannes Hauf
  • Print: Pinsker Druck & Medien
  • Created: 12/2012
  • Customer: ars navigandi GmbH