Speedpainting eines Live-Stream Konzerts

Music is a strong source of inspiration. More the less when it is performed so strongly and powerful as in the live stream concert on the 25th of april by GWEN and Tim Collins. Both Jazz musicians, based in munich, performed the album »Tapestry« by Carol King in front of an excited audience online. This songs are a never ending source of inspiration since 1971 for a lot of listeners. For me it was the reason to draw along because my hands could not stand still anyway.

Drawing process

While drawing I was in a flow to act on impulse and concentrate on the music, the performance and the set. There was no planning or concept behind but only the flow of drawing. It was a very pleasant feeling and remembered me of my drawing sessions as a child or in my travel sketchbooks. Thanks to GWEN and Tim Collins for a lot of positive vibes spreading on this extraordinary online concert.